What are the procedures for foreigners to buy capital contribution in a one-member limited liability company?

Question: The company I work for is printing and manufacturing, buying and selling stationery, with a charter capital of 2 billion VND with the form of a one-member limited liability company. Now there is a foreigner who wants to buy a 20% stake in my company. So my lawyer asked me what documents I have to prepare and how to carry out the procedure when a foreigner (US citizen) buys a capital contribution in my limited company?

The lawyer replied:

Hello, thank you for trusting and sending your question to the legal consulting department of DHP Law. The content of your question DHP Law would like to answer as follows:

1. Documents to be prepared to carry out the procedures for registration of capital contribution by foreign investors include:

  • 03 (Three) copies of valid foreign investors’ passports that have been consular or notarized at the Justice Department in Vietnam.
  • 01 (One) original confirmation of the investor’s account balance (Minimum balance equal to the amount of contributed capital).

2. Procedures to be carried out include:

  • Step 1: Foreign investors carry out procedures for registration of capital contribution to Vietnamese companies;
  • Step 2: Register to change the business registration content (change the type of company) of the Vietnamese company;

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