Today, with the development of science and technology, sales are made more and more popular in the e-commerce environment. Business units are increasingly shifting the trend of sales and communication to online sales. However, many customers wonder and worry whether their website must notify the Ministry of Industry and Trade or not? If yes, what is the procedure? In order to answer the above questions, DHP Law Firm would like to introduce to customers the website notification service to the Ministry of Industry and Trade through the article below.

1. Jobs performed by a lawyer:

The lawyer will advise and check to inform the client that his website is in the case that he must notify the Ministry of Industry and Trade and represent the client to carry out procedures in accordance with the law.

2. Profile and information to be provided by customers:

– A copy of the business registration certificate, investment certificate or investment license (for traders);

– A copy of the establishment decision (for organizations);

– A copy of the individual business household registration certificate (for individuals).

– Other information.

3. Time to complete the procedure:

For the case of notifying the website, e-commerce sales: 05-15 working days from the date the customer provides the complete dossier.

4. Service fee:  Please contact us for the best quote on website notification service with the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

For the best support and advice on Website Notification Service with the Ministry of Industry and Trade, please contact us with the following information:

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