Vocational training is a conditional business line. Therefore, in order to do business in this service, the enterprise first needs to establish a  vocational education institution. What are the requirements to establish a foreign-invested vocational training center?

Following, the DHP Law summarizes the conditions for establishing a foreign-invested vocational training center for your reference:

I. Conditions of a Vocational Training Center established by foreigners (individuals or organizations)

1. Having an establishment project in line with the planning on the network of vocational education institutions in Vietnam.

2. Having been granted an investment registration certificate (for cases where a foreign investor must carry out procedures for an investment registration certificate in accordance with the investment law).

3. Facilities: Having a location for the construction of physical foundations, ensuring that the minimum usable land area of ​​the vocational education center is 1,000 m2; for intermediate schools is 10,000 m2 for urban areas and 20,000 m2 for non-urban areas; of the college is 20,000 m2 for urban areas and 40,000 m2 for non-urban areas.

4. Investment capital: Established by lawful capital, excluding land value, specifically as follows:

For vocational education centers, the minimum is 05 (five) billion VND;
For intermediate schools, the minimum is 50 (fifty) billion VND;
For colleges, the minimum is 100 (one hundred) billion VND.

5. Training program:

The proposed training program must meet the requirements specified in Clause 1, Article 34 of the Law on Vocational Education: Show the training objectives at elementary, intermediate and college levels; prescribing standards of knowledge and skills of learners after graduation; scope and structure of training content, methods and forms; how to evaluate learning results for each module, credit, subject, major or profession and each level; Ensure the scientific, modern, systematic, practical and flexible to respond to the change of the labor market; reasonable distribution of time between the volume of knowledge and professional skills; ensure the connection between vocational education levels with other training levels in the national education system; Periodically reviewed, updated, and supplemented to suit technical and technology in production, business and services; no content harmful to national defense, security or community interests; not propagate religion, distort history; not adversely affect the culture, morality, fine customs and traditions of Vietnam;
Foreign-invested vocational education institutions may organize training programs in Vietnam; foreign training programs within the framework of joint training programs with foreign countries according to regulations; Compulsory subjects for learners who are Vietnamese citizens to study foreign training programs in the following fields: Foreign-invested secondary schools and colleges shall comply with regulations of the Ministry of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs.

6. There is a specific plan on the organizational structure; training facilities and equipment; training programs and curricula; a contingent of teachers and administrators suitable to the conditions for registration of vocational education activities: according to the provisions of Article 14 of Decree No. 143/2016/ND-CP dated October 14, 2016 of the Government stipulating conditions for investment and operation in the field of vocational education and this Decree. Specifically: Having a team of qualified teachers, professional qualifications, professional skills and pedagogical skills as prescribed by law; for higher education and training institutions, 15 students/lecturer are required for science, engineering and technology training disciplines; there are permanent teachers for the profession to organize training;

For primary-level vocational training occupations of private vocational education institutions and foreign-invested vocational education institutions, establishments registering primary-level vocational education activities must also have the following qualifications: sufficient financial resources to secure and maintain training activities of registered occupations.

II. Conditions for issuance of an investment registration certificate for investment projects on the establishment of a foreign-invested vocational education institution:

1. Having an investment project to establish a vocational education institution in accordance with the socio-economic development planning and the planning on the network of vocational education institutions already approved by a competent state agency;

2. Having a pre-feasibility plan for the establishment of a vocational education institution. A pre-feasibility scheme for the establishment of a vocational education institution, including the following contents:

+ Type of vocational education institution proposed for establishment; the need to establish; conformity with the master plan on socio-economic development and the master plan on the network of vocational education institutions already approved by competent state agencies;

+ The name of the vocational training institution; training objectives and tasks of vocational education institutions; the plan on construction, development and training scale of the vocational education institution in each period; Estimated organizational structure, management and administration;

+ Expected degrees, certificates; training facilities and equipment; education program; team of teachers.

3. Having a local land fund to allocate or lease to investors, or agree on the principle of renting available facilities in accordance with the regulations on facilities mentioned above.

4. Having sufficient financial capacity to carry out investment projects according to the level of investment capital specified above.

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