Mr. Vuong Dinh Hue said it was “not convincing” if the revised Law on Insurance Business had to wait until mid-2023 to apply because there was no time to have a guiding document.
According to the proposal of the drafting agency, the draft Law on Insurance Business (amended) will take effect from July 1, 2023, more than a year after the expected time to be approved by the National Assembly (May meeting). 2022), with the main reason being that the guiding documents were not prepared in time.
At the group meeting this morning (October 25), National Assembly Chairwoman Vuong Dinh Hue suggested that the Government, relevant ministries and branches should not let the situation that “the law has been enacted for the whole market, the whole country has to wait for the law to be enacted.” guiding documents”, especially in the coming time, it is necessary to prevent and control the epidemic while recovering and developing the economy.
“Certainly no delegate will accept this reason. I propose that the Law take effect on January 1, 2023,” National Assembly Chairman Vuong Dinh Hue said. According to him, the immediate implementation of a new law can boost the market, which is also a practical solution for post-pandemic economic recovery.
The current Law on Insurance Business has been promulgated for 20 years, so this amendment aims to remove the inappropriate regulations. With a huge potential for development, the insurance market, according to the National Assembly Chairman, if removed, will contribute to boosting the capital market.
On the other hand, insurance is a type of service with high added value and is increasingly modern. “Our policy and desire is that the growth rate of all types of services must be faster than the GDP growth rate and especially focus on high-value-added services,” said the National President. association said.
Overall, with the recent preparation process, based on the discussion of the National Assembly, Mr. Hue believes that the draft law submitted at the next session will meet the maximum requirements. The National Assembly Chairman also pointed out a number of contents that need to be further reviewed to further improve the quality.
In non-life insurance, the National Assembly Chairman noted that it is necessary to pay attention to agricultural, fishery and forestry insurance products because the country’s characteristics are heavily affected by natural disasters and epidemics, making the agricultural sector difficult. , fisheries and forestry suffered great damage. But currently, overcoming this mainly relies on the support of the State and philanthropic activities of the society, the compensation through insurance is still very little, even being piloted.
Calculating insurance premiums in these areas is very difficult, but the National Assembly Chairman said that it is impossible not to do. “In the long term, we must aim to compensate for damage by insurance so that farmers can feel more secure and have a pedestal to restore production when natural disasters and epidemics occur,” the National Assembly Chairman emphasized.
Regarding microinsurance, the National Assembly Chairman also said that the drafting agency should continue to study more such as a comprehensive financial strategy to institutionalize microinsurance. This type of insurance must reach the people in remote areas, the poor and the disadvantaged, so it is necessary to evaluate the implementation of microinsurance by socio-political organizations in the recent times. past time.
Regulations on insurance contracts, according to the President of the National Assembly, must also continue to be reviewed and improved in the direction of ensuring equality and legal and legitimate interests of both service providers and insurance buyers. dangerous. At the same time, regarding insurance enterprises, the President of the National Assembly proposed to carefully evaluate the results of the restructuring project, the State should not interfere too deeply in the governance of insurance business enterprises but need to raise operating standards, do not accept substandard businesses.
Commenting on the draft law, delegate Nguyen Tuan Thinh (Hanoi delegation) said that there should be a distinction between insurance with social security nature (compulsory insurance such as health insurance, social insurance). With insurance is business, because when it comes to business, there is competition. The insurance buyer has the right to be guided on the risks of loss, and the insurance business enterprise must do all its responsibilities and take measures to prevent loss.
Sharing the same opinion, delegate Tran Duc Thuan (Nghe An delegation) also said that in fact, during the negotiation to buy insurance, the buyer had not been clearly explained his rights and interests, leading to the discovery of the insurance seller after buying. does not provide sufficient rights and interests of the buyer.
As a person who bought insurance, Mr. Thuan said that in many cases, it is easy to be mistaken, thinking that it will be beneficial, but in fact it is not clear. “Specific regulations are needed for the insurance buyer to know his full benefits. The contract is very thick, but the benefits are located at the bottom, so sometimes the buyer does not know all his rights,” delegate Tran Duc said. Thuan said.
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