Establishing a company with 100% foreign investment capital, according to current law, is an investment form in which foreign investors are allowed to carry out investment projects in a number of fields through the form of investment with 100 % foreign capital in Vietnam.

With a team of experienced lawyers in the field of consulting and providing legal services on business activities. Law Office Tran Duc Hung and Associates have been consulting and performing legal services for many domestic enterprises and foreign-invested enterprises. We would like to introduce to customers the service of establishing a company with 100% foreign capital owned by the organization as follows:

1. Jobs performed by a lawyer:

Services for establishing a company with 100% foreign capital owned by an organization, including:

– Consulting on establishment rights, limitations (if any) of foreign investors in accordance with current Vietnamese laws and international treaties to which Vietnam is a signatory.

– Consulting procedures, drafting dossiers, representing investors to work with State agencies, submitting dossiers, receiving results of dossier settlement.

2. Implementation time: From 30-45 working days from the date the customer provides complete documents.

3. Documents Foreign investors need to prepare:

– 02 (Two) copies of the lease/borrow contract for the location of the Company’s headquarters.

– 03 (Three) copies of the Company’s Establishment License/Certificate of business registration of the company, which have been consular, translated and notarized.

– 03 (Three) copies of the valid passport of the authorized representative of the company’s capital contribution, consularized or notarized at the Justice Department in Vietnam.

– 01 (One) original certified copy of the bank’s account balance of the investor (minimum balance equal to the contributed capital) or the audited financial statement of the last two years of the company.

– 01 (one) original copy of the meeting minutes and the decision of the company’s competent agency on capital contribution and appointment of a representative for the contributed capital portion (The consulting unit can assist investors in drafting documents this).

4. Service fee: Please contact us for the best quote on the service of setting up a company with 100% foreign capital owned by an organization.

For the best support and advice on the  Foreign capital company establishment service owned by the organization in the best way, please contact us with the following information:

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