It can be said that the content of the contract also significantly determines the success of a business deal of the individuals and businesses participating in that contract. In terms of risk management, a successful contract or transaction means that the contract or transaction does not have potential risk factors or disputes during the performance of that contract or transaction. Hedging risks right after signing the contract also brings many economic benefits compared to having to bear the burden of costs later to settle risks and disputes arising from the contract.

With a team of lawyers specializing in legal advice for businesses, having practical experience in negotiating, signing contracts as well as resolving contract disputes, DHP Law deploys contract consulting services for individuals. individuals and businesses.

We come to the business not only to give advice but also to accompany the business to develop. In the picture is a professional exchange about contracts between DHP LAW and customers.

Contract consulting services include the following specific tasks:

Assess the legal and technical materiality of the transaction the client intends to make.
Participate in drafting or commenting on drafting and amending Contracts and transaction documents as required;
Final control of contracts and transactions before customers sign.
Monitor contract performance and promptly give necessary recommendations to avoid conflicts and disputes during contract performance.
When customers need to draft or enter into a contract or transaction, please contact us for the best advice or use our contract consulting service.

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