Trademark registration service means a service to register for protection on behalf of the trademark owner at a competent State agency. A trademark is a sign that distinguishes goods and services of different organizations and individuals. Through the design and registration of private labels, business organizations and individuals create their own imprints for their goods and are protected by competent State agencies against infringing acts.

With a rapidly growing and competitive economy like today, trademark registration is extremely necessary and important. With the desire to provide maximum support to clients, DHP Law Firm provides trademark registration services. When using our Trademark Registration service, customers will receive professional and dedicated advice and work. What does trademark registration service include? Trademark registration service of DHP Law will provide full support for customers from consulting, designing trademark until receiving a trademark protection certificate, specifically as follows:

1. Design consultancy, brand selection: Trademarks can be made up of signs that are letters, signs that are pictures or a combination of those elements, represented by one or more other colors. together. When a client intends to design a trademark, we will advise the client on which signs will not be protected under the name of a trademark; which sign is considered to be indistinguishable…. for quick and consistent design.

2. Grouping of registered products and services for trademarks: Customers provide information on goods and services that customers intend to register for protection marks, DHP Law will search and group products for customers. Grouping is a very important step, directly related to the process of searching for duplicates and confusing marks as well as the cost of trademark registration.

3. Searching for distinctiveness of trademarks DHP law provides a pre-search service for distinguishing marks at the National Office of Intellectual Property, the search helps to determine whether a trademark is eligible for registration or not, whether it is identical or confusing, so that the customer can have an amendment plan before submitting the official application, to avoid wasting time.

4. Prepare documents for trademark registration DHP law will help customers prepare documents as follows:

+ Declaration of trademark registration (drafted by DHP Law);

+ Brand sample (Photo copy, provided by the customer);

+ Power of attorney to carry out the procedure (drafted by DHP Law);

+ Proof of payment of fees and charges;

+ Documents proving the right to register, if the applicant enjoys that right of another person;

+ Documents proving the right of priority, if there is a request for priority right (If any).

5. Filing trademark registration documents DHP Law on behalf of clients submits trademark registration dossiers to the National Office of Intellectual Property. After that, we will be responsible for tracking the records, contacting the Department when it is necessary to amend and supplement, receive the results and hand over the results to the customer.

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