People’s Procuracy City. Vinh Yen proposes to prevent domestic violence

Domestic violence causes harm to health and physical; causing psychological and spiritual damage, breaking family happiness and disrupting social order and safety. People’s Procuracy City. Vinh Yen has made a number of recommendations to the City People’s Committee to prevent this situation.

In recent years, domestic violence has appeared more and more in Vinh Yen city with many different types of subjects. Domestic violence is expressed in many different forms such as: physical violence, emotional violence, economic violence, etc.

More seriously domestic violence has infringed on human rights, honor, dignity and life of each individual, especially women and children. It even erodes morality, loses social democracy and adversely affects future generations. Domestic violence not only damages the psychology and health of the abused person, but also seriously affects the psychology and health of children who witness domestic violence. This is also the risk of breaking up and reducing the stability of the family. Statistics from 01/01/2017 to now have occurred 05 cases. A typical case of domestic violence occurred in Dinh Trung commune, Vinh Yen city:

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At about 9pm on March 27, 2017, Hoang Van La, born in 1983 in Veo hamlet, Dinh Trung commune, Vinh Yen city, suspected that his daughter stole 10,000 VND from his pocket, La used a long piece of bamboo. about 01 meter, about 3cm in diameter, repeatedly hit Hoang Thi Hong Hanh’s hands, back and thighs, born in 2007, causing Hanh’s injuries to have to go to the hospital for emergency treatment, based on the investigation results, On April 3, 2017, the investigating police agency of Vinh Yen City Public Security issued a decision to prosecute the case, prosecute the accused and temporarily detained Hoang Van La for the crime of “Intentionally causing injury”.

The recent domestic violence situation comes from many different objective and subjective reasons, but mainly due to:

– Circumstances where violence occurs, especially physical abuse, is usually when a man is drunk, but alcohol is not the underlying cause, it is just an excuse for pre-existing problems. Violence occurs at a high rate in families with special circumstances, such as economic difficulties, low educational attainment, husbands without work, etc. With children, their development will be affected. develop children’s personality, make them lose faith in their families, get bored with school, fall into social evils or commit illegal acts.

– Domestic violence is often “initiated” by the husband, the root cause is the existence of gender inequality and patriarchal ideology. Domestic violence acts have shown irresponsible lifestyles and uncultured behavior in the family.

– Domestic violence is a negative phenomenon that goes against the standard values of morality and good culture of the Vietnamese people and the implementation of socio-economic policies and social progress of the Party and State. Government.

In order to limit the causes and conditions leading to domestic violence in the coming time, the People’s Procuratorate of Vinh Yen city proposed that the Chairman of the City People’s Committee pay attention to organize and direct the implementation of a number of measures. the following measures:

– Further strengthen the work of information and communication of the Law on Prevention of Domestic Violence and the Law on Gender Equality in order to raise awareness towards changing the behavior of all classes of people about domestic violence. Gender equality education must be carried out right from the family to the school and society to shape awareness; must raise awareness of both sexes about their rights and obligations in relation to family members.

– Promoting the good traditions of the family, the role of relatives and clans; promote the implementation of the movement to build cultural families and civilized lifestyles, pay attention to building cultural families and cultural villages, including the criteria of no domestic violence, no abuse of alcohol, no there are gambling and drug abuses to recognize the cultural family.

– Persons who commit acts of domestic violence must be strictly handled in accordance with the provisions of Decree No. 110/2009/ND-CP on sanctioning of administrative violations in the field of domestic violence prevention and control. Implement the integration of domestic violence prevention and gender equality programs in socio-economic development plans of all levels and sectors. This is an important measure to concretize targets and targets on domestic violence prevention, prevention of social evils from entering the family, avoiding general propaganda not associated with specific instructions. management responsibilities of leaders of branches and levels.

After receiving recommendations to prevent domestic violence, the People’s Committee of Vinh Yen City issued a document directing functional agencies and local authorities to implement the contents as in the recommendation.

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Post Author: Nguyen Thi Tam